Easy cucumber juice 

Hello everyone, today Im going to share with you this cucumber juice recipe. It is so delicious, refreshing, and so easy to make. You will need

1 big cucumber

2 to 3 Tsp of sugar

1 Tsp of lime juice

1 1/2 cup of water

A pinch of salt.

Let’s get started.

First peel, then chop your cucumber into medium to large chunks. You can choose to  leave the skin on just like I did here. I realize whenever I leave the skin, it gives the juice such  a beautiful green color.

Place the cucumber into a blender. Add lime juice, and water.

Run the blender for approximately 2 minutes.

The mixture shoukd be pulpy, but it does not need to be smooth. Then pour the blended cucumbers through the strainer.

Stir the puree with a metal spoon, occasionally pressing down into the strainer. Continue stiring and pressing until no more juice comes out. Pour the cucumber juice into a glass.  Add sugar, salt, then stir.

Add a couple of ice cubes ( optional). Or, chill and serve.

Thank you for visiting, and please come back. Happy Easter everyone! Until next time.😄


16 thoughts on “Easy cucumber juice 

  1. Love the color you’re getting! I’ve long been a fan of cucumbers in my mojitos, so when they’re going big in the garden I grate the cukes, let the juice drain, and freeze the gratings and juice separately in an ice cube tray, using the gratings for tzatziki and the juice for mojitos. But we’ve been cutting back on alcohol, so I’m definitely giving the virgin version a try.

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      1. Mojitos are another beverage: mint, lime, sugar, soda, and rum–and you can upgrade it with some cucumber juice. Tzatziki is a Greek dip. I’ll be posting my recipe for it next week and be sure to share the link!

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