Vegetable stir fry

Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you how I make my vegetables stir fry. For this particular recipe, these are the vegetables I used. But feel free to add any vegetable of your choice.

1 red bell pepper

3 scallions or green onions

A couple of mushrooms, ( I used about 10?)

3 small tomatoes

A bunch of broccoli

3 jalapenos ( optional)

1 medium size white onion

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 teaspoon of grated ginger

2 teaspoon of garlic paste

2 tablespoon of soy sauce

Salt and pepper to taste.

First wash your vegetables and cut then in square medium pieces,. In a non stick pan on high heat, add the oil, garlic and ginger.  Once you sauteed the garlic and ginger, proceed by adding the broccoli, and toss for a minute or two before adding the rest of the vegetables, as they will take longer to cook.

Then add the rest of the vegetables except for the tomatoes and white onions. (Save these for last).

 Add salt and pepper and toss for a minute or two. Add soy sauce and toss once again. You can now add your onion and tomatoes.

Toss for a minute ( remember, on high heat)

At this point, all your vegetables should be nice and crunchy, feel free to add a little bit of water if you prefer your vegetables a little softer. And voila!!

Serve with rice or whatever you desire. Enjoy.

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7 thoughts on “Vegetable stir fry

  1. So colorful! We are supposed to eat the rainbow as often as possible.

    Note: for those who do not eat a lot of garlic, whole cloves can be used, but be careful either way, garlic can produce a lot of gas… A LOT! though entertaining, can lead to someone sleeping on the couch.

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